Executive Offices - Investing in Your Own Office Space

If you are a business professional and owner, there are many reasons to consider owning your own office building. The obvious reason is to build equity rather than throwing away money on leasing. You will be building an asset that can produce income at some point. Maybe you just want to be in control of your own space or be able to design it just the way you want to. Hutchinson Homes is a specialist in building you exactly what you want, with a keen eye for detail. Contact us so we can meet and discuss your needs and how we can help.

Here are some things included in our service:


  • Our team can assist you in the process of finding local lenders to secure your needs in construction financing and/or permanent financing for your custom built office. 

Building Site

  • We know the location of most of the office developments
  • We can help find raw land


  • We work with local architects to develop elevations, floor plans and anything specific to your professional needs.
  • We develop a Building Owner’s Manual (see “Process”)


  • We manage the construction using our custom building management system. (See “Process”)
  • We communicate with the building owner during construction.
  • We obtain the Architectural Review Committee approval as well as building permits.


  • We can help you find tenants to lease space built for expansion.

As you can see we provide a turnkey service from financing to design to construction. We will help you with every aspect of owning your own office. If you are considering owning your own office, we would like to visit with you.

Call us at 405-330-4944 or Contact Us here. Let us explain how we can help you build your office.